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Animation of a commercial espresso machine for sale
Professional Espresso Machine Sales

Commercial espresso machines for sale, professional coffee brewers, and new grinders for your cafe!

Animation of a take-out coffee cup and an espresso tamper for barista training programs
Barista Training Program

Get certified barista training and barista coffee classes for seasoned and new baristas at your cafe or coffee shop today!

Animation of tools used for professional coffee shop equipment repair
Commercial Espresso Machine Tech Services

Something wrong in your coffee shop? Get quick espresso machine repair and equipment service today!

Animation of a new coffee shop opening with help from Impossible Coffee
Cafe Opening Consultation

Impossible Coffee has helped hundreds of cafes open! Let us get your coffee shop ready for day one.

Animation of a coffee cup with steam rising for company coffee parties and team-building events
Corporate Coffee Events

Company coffee events help your team learn together for a great team-building experience!

Animation of a a coffee pour-over set up used in national coffee competitions
Coffee Competition Coaching

Get ready for the SCA cup events with Impossible Coffee. We’ll train, coach, and cheer you on!

A barista compares two bags of coffee in front of a brewing station
A barista's hand holds the portafilter as two shots of espresso comes from a machine into cups

impossible coffee history


Impossible Coffee is a Midwest-based company that’s passionate about all things coffee. Founded in 2020, Impossible Coffee sells and installs commercial espresso machines, offers espresso machine repair services, provides barista training programs, and helps with cafe planning across the country. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and understanding; Impossible Coffee is committed to providing exceptional coffee experiences and helping your cafe provide excellent customer service.

get a free coffee consultation call

Let us know what you’re working with or what you’re looking for, and we’ll get be in touch soon to see how we can help!

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2642 University Ave W
Suite #18
St. Paul, MN 55114


(651) 270-6862

Impossible Coffee logo with a coffee bean
Impossible Coffee

Founded in 2020, Impossible Coffee aims to make coffee accessible to everyone. Making the perfect cup of coffee is impossible, but the pursuit is beautiful.


Service Layer Member

Impossible Coffee is a proud member of Service Layer, an independent network of local coffee technicians.

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