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Impossible Coffee can prepare baristas and brewers for local, regional, and national coffee events!

With over a decade of experience in participating in, hosting, and judging regional coffee events and SCA cupping competitions – Impossible Coffee is well-equipped to guide you toward achieving excellence in the art of coffee. From the national SCA Expo coffee events to city-wide latte art competitions, Impossible Coffee can get your team of baristas ready to compete!

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A barista is making a pour-over coffee with a glass coffee pot and a red filter
A barista is pouring steamed milk from a metal pitcher into a latte creating art

Professional training for coffee events and SCA National Cups

At Impossible Coffee, we take great pride in our commitment to training baristas and brewers for coffee events and SCA championships. Our comprehensive training program is designed to equip our team with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the competitive world of coffee. Whether it’s perfecting the art of latte art or mastering the intricacies of brewing methods, we provide hands-on training and expert guidance to ensure that our baristas and brewers are at the top of their game.

Our training program goes beyond just technical skills and encompasses the entire coffee experience, including customer service, coffee sourcing, and sustainability practices. We believe that a well-rounded understanding of the coffee industry is essential for our team to truly shine in coffee events and championships. By instilling a deep appreciation for the craft of coffee and fostering a culture of continuous learning, we are confident that our baristas and brewers will represent Impossible Coffee with excellence on the competition stage.

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From the national Brewer’s Cup to the Barista Championship, Impossible Coffee can help you get winning scores!

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Impossible Coffee

Founded in 2020, Impossible Coffee aims to make coffee accessible to everyone. Making the perfect cup of coffee is impossible, but the pursuit is beautiful.

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Impossible Coffee is a proud member of Service Layer, an independent network of local coffee technicians.

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