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About impossible coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s great mysteries: the delicate seed of a small fruit grown halfway across the world that –  under an improbable set of circumstances – creates a potion so delicious, therapeutic and intoxicating it’s enchanted the whole world.

At Impossible coffee, we embrace this mystery, find joy in the pursuit of perfection, and strive to share our knowledge in the most inclusive way possible. In an industry littered with gatekeepers, untested hearsay and a historically murky supply chain, we want to be the open book, connecting those who want to learn with the resources they need.

Creating world-class coffee drinks might seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be.

Meet the Impossible Coffee Team

Tyler Liedman, Founder of Impossible Coffee the leading espresso machine service company in the Midwest

Tyler Liedman

Founder & Visionary

Tyler began his coffee career in 2008, as a barista in his hometown of St. Paul. What started as a part-time job quickly evolved into a lifelong pursuit. In addition to opening cafes, traveling to origin countries, competing in the US coffee championships and training baristas across the country with the Specialty Coffee Association, he worked as the Director of Coffee at True Stone Coffee Roasters for most of the 2010s.

In 2020, he founded Impossible Coffee with the goal of connecting under-served coffee businesses and professionals with the resources they need to grow and thrive.

Tyler lives in St. Paul with his awesome wife (see below), a grumpy cat and a dog with serious boundary issues.

Woman stands in front of shop windows painted to look like a big boombox

Jamie Liedman

Marketing Director

Jamie is an adamant adventurer, Marketing mastermind, and general ray of sunshine floating around Impossible Coffee. Having helped a number of diverse companies rise to new levels over the past 12 years, she is constantly thinking about the future and building a never-ending to-do list.

She’s ecstatic to share the story behind her favorite beverage, crafting the message of our brand and helping people connect with the work we do. Outside of Impossible Coffee, Jamie loves traveling, well-made sandwiches, and her record collection. She will politely interrupt you to let you know there’s a dog in sight, but only because dogs are the best.

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Impossible Coffee

Founded in 2020, Impossible Coffee aims to make coffee accessible to everyone. Making the perfect cup of coffee is impossible, but the pursuit is beautiful.

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Impossible Coffee is a proud member of Service Layer, an independent network of local coffee technicians.

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